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  7.                                         <a href="/why-us">
  8.                                                 <span class="dblock">About us</span>
  9.                                                 <span class="dblock italic minor">Why choose PRE Technologies?</span>
  10.                                         </a>
  11.                                         <a href="/faqs">
  12.                                                 <span class="dblock">FAQ</span>
  13.                                                 <span class="dblock italic minor">Frequently asked questions</span>
  14.                                         </a>
  15.                                 </span>
  16.                         </span>        
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  20.                                         <a href="/services/finite-element-analysis">
  21.                                                 <span class="dblock">Finite element analysis</span>
  22.                                                 <span class="dblock italic minor">Mechanical, thermal, fatigue and vibrations</span>
  23.                                         </a>
  24.                                         <a href="/services/computational-fluid-dynamics">
  25.                                                 <span class="dblock">Computational fluid dynamics</span>
  26.                                                 <span class="dblock italic minor">Heat transfer, aero and hydrodynamics</span>
  27.                                         </a>
  28.                                         <a href="/services/research-projects">
  29.                                                 <span class="dblock">Research projects</span>
  30.                                                 <span class="dblock italic minor">Management, partnering, delivery</span>
  31.                                         </a>
  32.                                 </span>
  33.                         </span>
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  35.                                 <a class="header_nav_subnav_head" >Sectors</a>
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  37.                                         <a class="dblock" href="/sectors/oil-and-gas">
  38.                                                 <span class="dblock">Oil & Gas</span>
  40.                                         </a>
  41.                                         <a href="/sectors/pharma-industry">
  42.                                                 <span class="dblock">Pharma & Drug Delivery</span>
  44.                                         </a>
  45.                                         <a href="/sectors/food-industry">
  46.                                                 <span class="dblock">Food Industry</span>
  48.                                         </a>
  49.                                         <a href="/sectors/clean-waste-water">
  50.                                                 <span class="dblock">Water & Waste Water</span>
  52.                                         </a>
  53.                                         <a class="dblock" href="/sectors/heat-exchange-products">
  54.                                                 <span class="dblock">Heat Exchange Products</span>
  56.                                         </a>
  57.                                         <a href="/sectors/pressure-containing-products">
  58.                                                 <span class="dblock">Pressure Containing Products</span>
  60.                                         </a>
  61.                                         <a href="/sectors/plastics-composites">
  62.                                                 <span class="dblock">Plastics & Composites</span>
  64.                                         </a>
  65.                                         <a href="/sectors/waste-to-energy">
  66.                                                 <span class="dblock">Waste to Energy</span>
  68.                                         </a>
  69.                                         <a href="/sectors/fuel-cells-batteries">
  70.                                                 <span class="dblock">Fuel Cells & Batteries</span>
  72.                                         </a>
  73.                                         <a href="/sectors/renewable-energies">
  74.                                                 <span class="dblock">Renewable Energies</span>
  76.                                         </a>
  77.                                 </span>
  78.                         </span>
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  80.                                 <a class="header_nav_subnav_head" href="/experience/technical-resources">Experience</a>
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  83.                                                 <span class="dblock">Our technical expertise</span>
  84.                                                 <span class="dblock italic minor">Technical white papers (CFD and FEA)</span>
  85.                                         </a><a class="dblock" href="/experience">
  86.                                                 <span class="dblock">Test cases</span>
  87.                                                 <span class="dblock italic minor">Example projects for various industries</span>
  88.                                         </a>
  90.                                 </span>
  91.                         </span>
  92.                         <span class="header_nav_item last"><a href="/contact">Contact</a></span>
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  96.                                 <a href="/experience/cat3-assessment-fire-ventilation-tunnel-white-paper" target="_self" title="Tunnel and building ventilation design">
  97.                                         <img src="/images/slides/tunnel_vent_1524665745.jpg" width="460" height="310" alt="Tunnel and building ventilation design" title="#nivoCaption1" />
  98.                                 </a>
  99.                                 <a href="/sectors/oil-and-gas/processing" target="_self" title="CAE for unconventional engineering challenges">
  100.                                         <img src="/images/slides/valve_1401362738.png" width="460" height="310" alt="CAE for unconventional engineering challenges" title="#nivoCaption2" />
  101.                                 </a>
  102.                                 <a href="/experience/cat3-assessment-fire-ventilation-tunnel-white-paper" target="_self" title="CFD fire and smoke spread analysis">
  103.                                         <img src="/images/slides/fire_1_1524665823.jpg" width="460" height="310" alt="CFD fire and smoke spread analysis" title="#nivoCaption3" />
  104.                                 </a>
  105.                                 <a href="/sectors/heat-exchange-products" target="_self" title="Advanced thermal simulation services">
  106.                                         <img src="/images/slides/exchanger_4_1401713345.jpg" width="460" height="310" alt="Advanced thermal simulation services" title="#nivoCaption4" />
  107.                                 </a>
  108.                                 <a href="/sectors/pressure-containing-products" target="_self" title="ASME, PD-5500 and API mechanical assessments">
  109.                                         <img src="/images/slides/gate-valve_1416508890.jpg" width="460" height="310" alt="ASME, PD-5500 and API mechanical assessments" title="#nivoCaption5" />
  110.                                 </a>
  111.                                 <a href="/sectors/waste-to-energy" target="_self" title="Waste to energy: A 21st century challenge">
  112.                                         <img src="/images/slides/renovables_2_1428492239.jpg" width="460" height="310" alt="Waste to energy: A 21st century challenge" title="#nivoCaption6" />
  113.                                 </a>
  114.                         </div>
  115.                         <div id="nivoCaption1" class="nivo-html-caption">
  116.                                 <a href="/experience/cat3-assessment-fire-ventilation-tunnel-white-paper" target="_self" title="Tunnel and building ventilation design">
  117.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_title">Tunnel and building ventilation design</span>
  118.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_text"><span class="paragraph">Fluid dynamics optimisation for highway and railway tunnel HVAC systems.</span>
  119. <span class="paragraph"><strong>CFD-based assessments of ventilation systems</strong></span></span>
  120.                                 </a>
  121.                         </div>
  122.                         <div id="nivoCaption2" class="nivo-html-caption">
  123.                                 <a href="/sectors/oil-and-gas/processing" target="_self" title="CAE for unconventional engineering challenges">
  124.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_title">CAE for unconventional engineering challenges</span>
  125.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_text"><span class="paragraph">We can help you with your erosion,&nbsp;hydrates formation and thermo-mechanical fatigue studies.</span>
  126. <span class="paragraph"><strong>Trust us for failure prevention on your oil and gas equipment</strong></span></span>
  127.                                 </a>
  128.                         </div>
  129.                         <div id="nivoCaption3" class="nivo-html-caption">
  130.                                 <a href="/experience/cat3-assessment-fire-ventilation-tunnel-white-paper" target="_self" title="CFD fire and smoke spread analysis">
  131.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_title">CFD fire and smoke spread analysis</span>
  132.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_text"><span class="paragraph">Visibility, Intoxicants concentration and Temperature in large infrastructure fire events.</span>
  133. <span class="paragraph"><strong>Trust us for your CAT 3 third party checks</strong></span></span>
  134.                                 </a>
  135.                         </div>
  136.                         <div id="nivoCaption4" class="nivo-html-caption">
  137.                                 <a href="/sectors/heat-exchange-products" target="_self" title="Advanced thermal simulation services">
  138.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_title">Advanced thermal simulation services</span>
  139.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_text"><span class="paragraph">We are experts on FEA and CFD optimisation for complex thermal processes and products</span>
  140. <span class="paragraph"><strong>Boost thermal efficiency using FEA and CFD</strong></span>
  141. <span class="paragraph">&nbsp;</span></span>
  142.                                 </a>
  143.                         </div>
  144.                         <div id="nivoCaption5" class="nivo-html-caption">
  145.                                 <a href="/sectors/pressure-containing-products" target="_self" title="ASME, PD-5500 and API mechanical assessments">
  146.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_title">ASME, PD-5500 and API mechanical assessments</span>
  147.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_text"><span class="paragraph">Compliance with the relevant Standards of your industry using FEA models.</span>
  148. <span class="paragraph"><strong>Use finite element analysis for your stress and fatigue studies</strong></span></span>
  149.                                 </a>
  150.                         </div>
  151.                         <div id="nivoCaption6" class="nivo-html-caption">
  152.                                 <a href="/sectors/waste-to-energy" target="_self" title="Waste to energy: A 21st century challenge">
  153.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_title">Waste to energy: A 21st century challenge</span>
  154.                                         <span class="nivoCaption_text"><span class="paragraph">Organic and electronic waste as a source of energy. Pyrolysis, gasification and smelting processes optimisation.</span>
  155. <span class="paragraph"><strong>We will use CFD and FEA for your process assessment</strong></span></span>
  156.                                 </a>
  157.                         </div>
  159.                         <script type="text/javascript" src="/includes/jquery.nivo-slider/jquery.nivo.slider.bootstrap.js"></script>
  160.                 </div>
  161.         </div>  <div class="clearfix" id="content">
  162.                 <h1 class="clearfix">Cookies policy</h1>
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  164.                 <p><strong>The Company</strong> used on this website these cookies that are detailed in the following table: </p>
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